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Flexit Select – Calculation program

Flexit Select will enable you to make calculations, receive dimensional sketches and find technical data on all Air handling units from Flexit. The calculation tool will assist you in finding the most suitable unit based on your criteria.

Flexit select has a completely new design and a more user friendly interface.

When registering you will in addition to making calculations have access to following functions:

  • Save calculated projects in ”the cloud”
  • Share calculations with colleagues and cooperation partners directly from the tool.
  • Make projects with calculations of alternative units
  • Make copies of existing calculated projects
  • Set default values on units, location etc. in user profile
  • Utilize climate date for dimensioning of water coils for heater
  • Save technical report in PDF format
  • Have your company details in the foot of the printed report




Flexit select is also available as a plugin to MagiCad.
Flexit select Plugin is updated with functions enabling more technical parameters to be transferred to the unit object in Revit and AutoCad. Example of some transferred parameters are sound data, efficiency, SFP and set-values for fans.

 Download Revit Plugin and User Guide


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